Wig Renaissance, a Rebirth of Fashion

A primal desire of man is to alter appearances. This is observed in beasts as well as base lifeforms. Do not the viruses disguise themselves from the host’s immunity? The wig serves a rather unique function for humanity, and  arguably only two basic functions: I. as a means to follow fashion in order to be held in high esteem among peers, and II. to disguise a shameful condition. The former of the two is currently socially acceptable only when the condition is fatal such the effects of nuclear medicine as a treatment for cancer. The application of the wig to cover baldness, infestation, and even disease are typically not welcomed in hearts of the masses. Here I will take the reader on a journey of the history of the wig.

  1. Etymology of the word Wig & definition
    1. perriwig
    2. While I suppose all wigs are cosmetic in nature, we must inquire of the intent of the wig wearer. I believe there are two main reasons for wearing a wig.
      1. Fashionable
      2. Cover up due to shame
        1. However should point out that the difference between people with cancer and baldness is that baldness doesn’t kill you.
      3. Also mention that I’ll be talking about eras when wigs were fashionable.
  2. The first wigs
    1. probably some early homo trying to impress another one or maybe ashamed?
    2. First recorded wig (Egypt when, where, function, material)
    3. Check for wigs in Asia, Africa, America
  3. Wigs in Antiquity
    1. Roman wigs, evidence of them recorded or in art
  4. Revival of the Wig
    1. when did the wig drop out of fashion in antiquity and when was it revived.
    2. Who wore wigs?
    3. What were they made of?
    4. How did they maintain the wig?
    5. What were the styles and highlight some extreme cases (huge towering wigs of France, pink wigs).
    6. What was the cost of a wig and how long would they have lasted.
    7. What did contemporaries think of the wig, esp. ones that did not advocate for wigs.
  5. Decline of the Wig
    1. fashion changes and the powder tax
    2. How did opinion change for the wigs?
  6. What have we learned about the wig and what items today replicate the function of the wig?
    1. Have wigs really gone out of fashion?